Midstream Publishing and/as Audience Development

Opening seminar and workshop



Friday, 18 November, 12:00 – 19:00

Felix Stalder
Beyond Posts and Comments. Forms of continuous, communal writing

Rasa Smite
Critical Internet Cultures versus Art: From What Went Wrong to Open Fields

Konrad Becker
Wishful Thinking and Critical Practice in Networked Futures 

Tomislav Medak
Shadow Libraries -- Challenging the Knowledge Factory

Stevphen Shukaitis
Autonomous Publishing and the Affordances of Openness


Saturday, 19 November, 12:00 – 19:00

Christoph Brunner
Transtemporal Immediation and Post-Media Cartographies

Stefan Nowotny
Attention and Dispersion

tyna fritschy
cross-temporal peers: digital queer/feminist publishing and archiving practices

Nuria Alabao / Raúl Sánchez Cedillo
Technopolitical challenges and experiences in Spain


Sunday, 20 November, 10:00 – open end

Workshop 1: Copyleft publishing and sustainability

Workshop 2: Distribution strategies for multilingual publishing



18 - 20 November 2016