Last Generation Before the Internet. Their Lives

The exhibition "YOU’VE GOT 1243 UNREAD MESSAGES. Last Generation Before the Internet. Their Lives" deals with the recent past where the search for oneself and others took place in an analogue instead of digital environment. The works of art and various everyday artifacts chosen for the exhibit are micro-historical evidence of some 20th century individuals, or whole currents that continued to throw into doubt any borders between art and everyday life. These are stories about the individual memory culture, mutual networking and experimental creation in the pre-digital era.

The exhibition "YOU'VE GOT 1243 MESSAGES" has been developed as a poetic detrition in the cultural layer of the analogue era where artifacts, very different in form and purpose, are found side by side. Artworks and exhibits are selected from a variety of public and private international contemporary art institutions, cabinets of curiosities, local archives and Van Abbemuseum (Netherlands) collection. The narrative lines of the exhibition are developed by a cross-disciplinary group of curators: Kaspars Vanags, Zane Zajančkauska and Diana Franssen (Van Abbemuseum). Their story on the last decades before the Internet is based on different cultural practices: art that was contemporary in the 1970s, private archives of everyday life, analogue era communication devices and outdated social networking habits. This exhibition will look at the recent visual communication history in order to understand how to generate new hybrid “midstream” forms of publishing by learning from the analogue era.

8 Dec 2017 – 4 Feb 2018
Latvian National Art Museum, Great Exhibition Hall, Riga
Latvian, English

Production notes

Message No. 1102-1113

Message No. 1102-1113 is typewriter-produced pictures that amaze with their spatial qualities even though they have been created by limited means of expression: space, repeat, enter, diacritics and punctuation.

Message No. 245

Message No. 245 contains recordings from the offshore pirate radio stations from the 1970s. From 1964 – 1989 many British, Dutch and German AM and FM pirate radio stations were placed on the ships next to the shores of the North Sea. DJs who lived on these ships played banned soul and rock ‘n‘ roll music.

Message No 1

Message nr. 1 is a reconstruction of Latvian conceptual artist Ēriks Božis (1969) installation “For local calls” that will be located at the entrance of the Latvian National Museum of Art. Riga, Strēlnieku laukums (Rifleman square), 1995.