transversal web journal

It is usually assumed that the function of media in micropolitics and social movements is to mediate, to spread the message, as a direct line from the few who make the statement to the many it is supposed to reach. But the medium itself is a milieu, not a secondary means of mediation, but middle, ecology, technecology. It doesn’t just transmit content, and even the idea of a viral medium remains too influenced by the linear imaginary of content to be spread. It is not that milieus as micro-socialities are to be magnified, enlarged, made macro.
In the middle of media subjectivation, which does not infrequently take on the form of anger, fear, hate and malice, new modes of affecting, new modes of expression emerge. It was and is possible for a machinic use of social media to give way to a machinic dissemblage and and divergence through dividual flows, instead of affirming the amalgam of ultra-individualization online and competition among the networked individuals.
We could call this possible turn the postmedia era following Félix Guattari, but let’s refuse the “post” and see here instead a technecology, in which things, surrounds, machines and socialities multiply and concatenate.

Winter 2017/2018
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