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In times of dividual-machinic capitalism, technology moves beyond the dichotomic figures of technophobia (humans as instruments of machines) and techno-euphoria (machinic progress in the hands of humans). In fields as diverse as financial derivatives and cryptocurrencies, biometric film images, digital cuts and data doubles, technologies become environment, enveloping, surround. Interlaced with the Guattarian understanding of ecologies as threefold - mental, social and environmental - a new machinic form of technologies as ecologies emerges.

Consider the function of media in micropolitics and social struggles: here media are usually thought to be mediating, spreading the message, as direct lines from the few who utter the statement to the many it is supposed to reach. But the medium is itself milieu, not a secondary means of mediation. The medium doesn’t just transmit content, and even the idea of a viral medium remains too influenced by the linear imaginary of content to be spread. In the middle of (social) media subjectivation, which does not infrequently take on the form of anger, fear, hate and malice, new modes of affection and enunciation also emerge. It was and is possible to move from machinic subservience to machinic dissemblages, to affirm eruptions of dividual streams instead of online-competition among the networked individuals. We could call this possible turn the postmedia era with Guattari, but let’s refuse the “post” and see here instead a technecology, in which things and surrounds, machines and socialities multiply and concatenate.

Marco Deseriis: The Politics of Condividuality
Katrin M. Kämpf / Christina Rogers: Digital Cuts. Cutting flesh-technology-information-amalgams
Brigitta Kuster: Biometric film images. A new mode of audiovisual records affecting reality?
Stamatia Portanova: Rhythm in Economic Space
Gerald Raunig: Technecologies. Milieus, Midstreams, Subsistential Territories
Álvaro Ruiz: Barrial Geographic. Technecology and parody in practices of resistance against gentrification in Lagunillas (Málaga)
Gerald Raunig: Dividend
Raúl Sánchez Cedillo: Idea de un sistema red transdividual


Authors: Marco Deseriis, Katrin M. Kämpf / Christina Rogers, Brigitta Kuster, Stamatia Portanova, Gerald Raunig, Álvaro Ruiz, Raúl Sánchez Cedillo
Translators: Christoph Brunner, Kike España, Kelly Mulvaney, María Luz Ortega Carmena, Gerald Raunig, Raúl Sánchez Cedillo
Editors: Christoph Brunner, Kike España Naveira, Raimund Minichbauer, Kelly Mulvaney, Gerald Raunig

March 2018
Deutsch, English, Español