Archives of Hardijs Lediņs and Juris Boiko

Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) has concluded work on the archival studies of artists Hardijs Lediņš (1955-2004) and Juris Boiko (1954-2002) and as a result has released a voluminous billingual book - “Nebijušu sajūtu restaurēšanas darbnīca. Juris Boiko un Hardijs Lediņš. / Workshop for the Restoration of Unfelt Feelings.  Juris Boiko and Hardijs Lediņš.” This research and publication introduces the topic of international avant-garde culture that were brought and spread among wider audiences in Latvia between the 1970s and 1990s, i.e. during and shortly after the socialist regime, when the means and the content of information were considerably limited.

This publication is based on archival materials - the archives of Latvian avant-garde artist and poet Juris Boiko (1954–2002) and Hardijs Lediņš (1955–2004). Their creative work encompasses architecture critique, avant-garde and underground music, visual arts (multimedia art, video art, action art, etc.), absurd literature and poetry, performances, installations and other creative disciplines. With contributions of numerous artists, musicians and other creative individuals, performances, music records, actions and interventions were made, revealing a completely new means of expression in Latvia at the time and destroying the boundaries among artistic disciplines. The book consists of four parts: the chronology of events, the archival materials, which have been compiled in the notebooks of actions, essays on the NSRD and theoretical articles by both authors on Modernism and Postmodernism.

Winter 2016
Riga, Latvia
Latvian, English