Art and Identity

Reading workshop / discussion

Movements affirming gender, race and sexual identity are generally known and, in the West, art based on them has almost become a cliché. At the same time, others only slowly begin to overcome the obstacles on their way to visibility and acceptance. Several of them are based in the forms of existence, which traditionally are regarded as developmental disorders. One of these perspectives suggests to view autism as a different, unique form of perception that is being discriminated on behalf of an imagined normality.

Reading workshop's texts:
Pier Jaarsma and Stellan Welin. Autism as a Natural Human Variation: Reflections on the Claims of the Neurodiversity Movement. 2012
Nav Haq.The Invisible and the Visible. Identity Politics and the Economy of Reproduction in Art. 2015

28 Feb 2017
LCCA Office, Alberta iela 13, Riga