Some Things Have Meaning, Others Don't

Discursive events and workshops [series]

"Some Things Have Meaning, Others Don't” is a series of events that take form of collective discussions based on the texts – the LCCA Evening School, as well as workshops and presentations. The aim of these events is to strengthen critical thinking and discussion culture in the Latvian art scene. The project is an audience development attempt to generate new publics for theoretical discussion.

LCCA Evening School sessions consist of discussions about variety of themes in relation to theoretical texts that offer either complementary or divergent voices on the topic, charting different aspects of a broader or less-defined topic (varying from ones like post-communism, post-colonialism or feminism to politics of nature etc.) During the session participants have already read the texts which serve as a point of departure. LCCA Evening School is complemented with guest lecturer program of presentations and workshops.

Sept 2016 - Dec 2017
Riga, Latvia
Latvian, English

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