Form Politics: journal Rab Rab presentation

Rab-Rab: journal for political and formal inquiries in art” is an independent non-profit art journal, published in Helsinki by “Rab-Rab Press” under the direction of Sezgin Boynik and Gregoire Rousseau. The aim of “Rab-Rab” is to support the discursive position in art, by publishing writings of artists and as well the non-conventional writings of scholars involved in art practices. The point of departure is the thesis that the convergence between form and politics has a strong transformative effect; it changes both the understanding of artistic inquiry and methodologies of scientific research.

In Riga Sezgin Boynik and Gregoire Rousseau will present four issues of “Rab-Rab” and talk about theoretical and practical outcomes of publishing.

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10 Feb 2017
LCCA Office, Alberta iela 13, Riga