Reading workshop / discussion

In Donald Trump's recent election as the President of the United States one of the most surprising aspects is the primitivism of his rhetoric. The day after the elections philosopher Alain Badiou pointed out in his lecture that such a situation has become possible because already for several decades there is no real opposition to the globalized capitalism in the politics. He calls out to search for such an alternative by looking back to the ideas of socialism. Meanwhile, Carlos Jáuregui outlines the concept of anthropophagy, which in metaphorical sense describes an attitude when a culture keeps the local, non-European identity greedily consuming everything unfamiliar.

Reading workshop's texts:
Alain Badiou. Reflections on the Recent Election. 2016
Carlos Jáuregui. Anthropophagy. 2012

22 Nov 2016
LCCA Office, Alberta iela 13, Riga